(LOR3) News

The LOR3, directed by Matthew Bacchetta, MD, MBA, is focused on creating organ support systems that provide extended physiologic support for injured organs, bioengineering platforms for organ recovery and regeneration, and developing artificial cardiopulmonary assist systems. Our group is the first to develop a large pre-clinical cross-circulation platform for extracorporeal support of human lungs rejected for transplantation. We have also recently established a high-fidelity, titratable large pre-clinical model for pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular failure, a large pre-clinical platform that serves as a basis for developing the next-generation, durable mechanical support technology. Our work has been published in leading academic medical, scientific, and engineering journals, and also featured in major news outlets including The New York Times.  

The LOR3 is an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, engineers, nurses, surgeons and the S.R. Light Research and Training Laboratory personnel. If you are interested in joining our effort, Contact Us.


  • January 2024 - Congratulations to Mark Petrovic for his fundable score on the AHA Predoctoral Fellowship!
  • November 2023 - Congratulations to Drs. Tim Harris, Victoria Simon, and Yutaka Shishido for snagging presentation awards at the 17th Annual Vanderbilt Postdoctoral Association (VPA) Symposium!
  • November 2023 - Congratulations to Nimi Adesanya for winning the Immunology Presentation Award at ABRCMS 2023!
  • November 2023 - Congratulations to Gabriella Glomp for being the winner of the poster award, engineering category, at the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Fair!
  • October 2023- Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Wu MD for being selected as one of the 2023 STAT Wunderkinds! https://www.statnews.com/wunderkinds-2023/wei-kelly-wu/
  • August 2023- Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Wu MD and her artwork for being selected as the cover art for Hepatology Volume 78, Issue 3! https://journals.lww.com/hep/toc/2023/09000
  • June 2023 - Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Bacchetta for a fundable score on his R01 submission!
  • April 2023 - Congratulations to the laboratory co-director, Dr. Caitlin Demarest MD PhD, for being selected for the Thoracic Surgery Foundation’s Nina Starr Brunwald Research Award! https://thoracicsurgeryfoundation.org/awards/award-recipient-listing/2023-award-recipients/