Vanderbilt University's Biostatistics Graduate Program Takes on the 2018 ENAR Spring Meeting in Atlanta


Vanderbilt University's Department of Biostastics was undeniably well represented at the 2018 ENAR Spring Meeting in Atlanta, which took place from March 25th to March 28th at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Not only did Vanderbilt have the most lively and engaging booth for a university's Biostastics Graduate Program, but Vanderbilt was indeed the only university there with a booth dedicated to a Biostastics Graduate Program.

For that reason alone, Vanderbilt University stood out at the 2018 ENAR Spring Meeting. Additionally, however, our booth had what it took to draw a crowd:

First, we had a giant monitor playing on a loop a collection of interviews from students and faculty. The 16 minute, 9 interview collection featured 3-D text and original music to accompany testimonials from Dr. Yu Shyr, Dr. Robert Greevy, Dr. Lucy Agostino McGowan, Nathan James, Sarah Lotspeich, Elizabeth Sigworth, Valerie Welty, and Jacquelyn Neal.

Once prospective candidates approached the table, they were further drawn in by the presence of an array of chocolate candy... because let's face it: Even as an adult, who doesn't want free chocolate?

We also had mini carabiners with our logo on them, as well... for the mountain-climbing vegans out there who didn't take the chocolate bait.

Most importantly, each visitor at our booth was welcomed by a warm and friendly faculty member or student of our Department who was happy to answer any questions about what Vanderbilt has to offer.

Without question, a lot of planning, creativity, and hard work went into having such a relevant booth at the 2018 ENAR Spring Meeting in Atlanta. Obviously, though, it was worth it.

Vanderbilt University's Biostatistics Graduate Program is still young and small. We want to make sure the word gets out there about our amazing option for any prospective students.

So now we can look forward to ENAR 2019 in Philadelphia... and if we're lucky, we'll still be the only university to have a booth dedicated solely to their Biostatistics Graduate Program.

We shall return will plenty more free chocolate.