Recent awards

We have good news to share! We are pleased about the recognition of and support for these Department of Biostatistics members: 


Associate professor Dandan Liu will be sharing principal investigator (PI) responsibilities with Alan Storrow and Sunil Kripalani on “Tailored dissemination and implementation of emergency care clinical decision support to improve emergency department disposition,” a study that just received R01 funding from the NIH. Their work will enhance our understanding of how to implement real-time predictive analytics in acute care settings. 


Assistant professor Shilin Zhao is the recipient of the 2021-2022 Faculty Development Award, to support work in the coming year on “Improving Cancer Histopathological Deep Learning Models by Integrating Omics Data.” Please see our Awards page for a list of past winners and projects. 


Associate professor Qi Liu, who also serves as technical director of VANGARD and director of the CQS Omics Coordinating Center, has been selected for the School of Medicine’s 2022 Mid-Career Leadership Development Program. Participants in this highly regarded professional development program include associate professor Fei Ye, who was chosen for the 2021 cohort.


The Vanderbilt Center for Health Services Research has begun awarding Health Equity Research Grants to address “the use of race in diagnostic tests and clinical algorithms for risk assessment, diagnosis or treatment.” One of the two inaugural awards went to associate professor Rameela Raman, whose team will be looking closely at cognitive tests in relation to ICU diagnoses and treatment. 


Dr. Raman also recently received a Southeastern Conference Faculty Travel Grant, which will support her collaboration with researchers at the University of Alabama. 


Application development manager Dale Plummer is celebrating his 40th year at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. What is he most proud of? Read about it at VUMC HR’s profile of 2021 Service Award Honorees.

Dandan Liu, co-PI of a new R01-funded study