At Vanderbilt

Opportunities as a clinician educator:

  • Office for Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching Digital Library
  • UME Small Group Facilitator: first year teaching in small groups, facilitate case-based learning
  • UME portfolio coach: assigned 12 students for 4 year term.  Follow student’s academic progress, meeting 2-3 times per year with students, attending promotions committees, coaching students.
  • College Mentor: 8 total positions (2 per learning community/ college) receive 30% FTE, 3 year term, teach weekly in first year Learning communities course (medical humanities), teaching once per month for 2nd, 3rd, 4th years. Attend/host social events/ wellbeing, help with career advising and professional development.
  • Faculty Affiliate Advisor: assigned to one of the 4 colleges, interact with students, attend events, informal mentoring, substitute when college mentors not available, perform mock interviews
  • Promotions committee member: serve on promotions committee for school of medicine
  • Admissions committee: screen applications, review applications in group, interviewers, 
  • Academy for Excellence in Education
  • EDP faculty for workshops and webinars
  • Division or departmental rotation director
  • School of medicine clerkship director