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Articles about Scholarship in Teaching, Faculty Development as Educators

  • Simpson D, Marcdante K, Morzinski J, Meurer L, McLaughlin C, Lamb G, Janik T, Currey L. Fifteen years of aligning faculty development with Primary care clinician-educator roles and academic advancement at the medical college of Wisconsin. Acad Med 2006 Nov;81(11):945-953
  • Simpson D, Hofler J, Brown D, Wilkerson L. Documentation systems for educators seeking academic promotion in U.S. medical schools. Acad Med 2004 Aug;79(8):783-790
  • Fincher RM, Simpson DE, Mennin SP, Rosenfeld GC, Rothman A, McGrew MC, hansen PA, Mazmanian PE, Turnbull JM. Scholarship in teaching: an imperative for the 21st century. Acad Med 2000 Sept;75(9):887-894


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