VI4 Curation Team
December 15, 2020

Grace is originally from Northern Virginia, but she earned her BS in Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York in 2018. Grace worked under Dr. Andre Hudson while in school. She then immediately joined Vanderbilt University in 2018 through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP), and joined the Microbe-Host Interactions (MHI) Ph.D. graduate program. In the Schmitz and Hadjifrangiskou labs, Grace works on defining a molecular signature for uropathogenic E. coli. She utilizes bioinformatics and bacterial genetics techniques.

Learn a bit about her research from Grace herself!



"Defining a Molecular Signature for Uropathogenic E. coli."


When you were 5, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An astronomer!


What was it about science that drew you to it?

I was always curious and enjoyed exploring the world and getting messy.


If you could study anything, what would it be?

Astrobiology-- I'd love to see if other microbes like phages live in space!


What's next for you?

Continuing my research here until I'm done with my Ph.D.


Best way to pass the time while waiting for an experiment to finish:

Chatting with friends!


What's the most fun "socially distanced" activity you've done recently?

Bonfire night, a few friends sat outside (6ft apart) and just looked at the stars, talked, and enjoyed the fire.


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