Science at Home

Science at Home, hosted by VI4's MEGAMicrobe

Is your budding scientist itching to experiment? Are you looking for new ways to keep the learning going while you and your family are at home this summer? Like many of you, the scientists at the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation have been spending more time at home lately, and we want to share a fun new resource!

Below you’ll find a library of videos, created by the scientists you’ll meet at VI4’s MEGAMicrobe, with fun experiments you can perform with simple household items. These easy experiments are great for kiddos aged 5 – 14. Please note that some experiments use heat, glass, etc. so please perform under adult supervision.

Happy experimenting!

Lava Lamp
Making It Rain
Yeast Balloon
Agar Plate
Sourdough Science
Making Fireworks
Handwashing Experiment
Elephant Toothpaste
Strawberry DNA

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In the spirit of Science Communication for Children, Susana López, Martha Yocupicio, Selene Zárate, virologists from Mexico (together with graphic illustrator Eva Lobatón) have teamed up to produce Paul Has MeaslesPaul Stays Home, and Paul and the Mosquitoes - three children’s books about viruses and vaccines.

Click on the covers to download them for free!

Paul Has Measles

Paul Stays Home

Paul Stays Home





Buddy the Yeast

What is MEGAMicrobe?

VI4’s Mission is to train the next generation of scientists and physicians and make fundamental discoveries in the areas of infection biology, immunology, and inflammation with the goal of increasing knowledge and improving human health.

MEGAMicrobe is a free, community-focused, half-day event for 6-14 year-olds, designed to generate interest in Science among Nashville’s youth. Volunteers are dedicated to showing that science is fun, accessible and important.

Nashville parents, teachers, and students are invited to come learn about microbes and the important role they play in human health in a fun, interactive setting, with real scientists from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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Tardi B the Water Bear


The future of biomedical science requires a renaissance in microbiology and immunology to develop a more detailed understanding of the microbial world and our immune and inflammatory responses to it. The Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (VI4) positions Vanderbilt at the leading edge of this renaissance. With its membership of more than 100 accomplished faculty, VI4 capitalizes on the strengths of Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center in areas such as personalized medicine, structural biology, vaccinology, immunometabolism, and nutrition, while simultaneously creating the infrastructure required to support research into the microbiome. Through VI4, Vanderbilt fulfills its mission to be an internationally recognized leader in research that bridges the disciplines of immunology and infection biology to improve human health.  

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