Core Facilities

The DRTC provides important scientific resources to Center members and to the entire Vanderbilt and VUMC community.


Listed below are the facilities DRTC currently supports. We encourage members to utilize the extensive network of Shared Resources and Core Facilities managed by VU and VUMC, some of which are highlighted on our Resources page. The price for a DRTC Core service is determined by the DRTC working with the Office of Research. This price may change so please contact the DRTC Core Director for the current price.


Hormone Assay & Analytical Services Core

Managing Director: Dale Edgerton, PhD

The Hormone Assay & Analytical Services Core (ASC) offers sensitive, reproducible, and inexpensive analysis of hormones, catecholamines, amino acids, stable isotopes, purine nucleotides, and markers of oxidative stress and inflammation.

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Animal Metabolic Physiology Core

Director: David Wasserman, PhD

The AMPC provides investigators with platforms for the design, execution and interpretation of unique and highly specialized surgical and experimental procedures for animal models.

Test tubes

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Drawing of DNA

Human Metabolic Physiology and Genomics Core

Directors: Kevin Niswender, MD, PhD & Piper Below, PhD

The HMPG is a DRTC core that allows investigators access to a range of complex methods and procedures to study human