Metabolism Interest Group (MIG)

Metabolism Interest Group (MIG) Seminar

The goal of the MIG seminar is to provide an informal venue to get constructive feedback from the metabolism community at Vanderbilt. This includes anything from preliminary data or proposed aims to more fleshed out projects ready for publication. 

Seminars are every other Tuesday at 9:00 AM (time subject to change during scheduled MPB faculty meetings). For more information or to sign up to present, please contact Dr. Louise Lantier.



MIG Seminar Affiliated Labs






MIG Seminar Schedule - Spring 2023

Date Presenter Time
January 17yh Payam Fathi (Ayala lab) 9:00 AM
January 24th Ryan Ceddia (Collins lab) 9:00 AM
February 7th Mona Mashayekhi (Luther lab) 9:00 AM
February 21st Alex Mansueto (Graham lab) 9:00 AM
March 7th Clint Hasenour (Young lab) 9:00 AM
March 21st TBD 9:00 AM
April 4th Jamie Garcia (Hasty lab) 9:00 AM
April 18th Fubiao Shi (Collins lab) 9:00 AM
May 2nd Emily Hawes (O'Brien lab) 9:00 AM