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Spring 2024 DAISY Recipients

picRead Angela's Nomination

“I cannot say enough positive and affirming things about Ms. Angie. Wow! God’s gift to the nursing profession. Smart, knowledgeable, insightful, capable, compassionate, down to earth, and, most importantly, kind. I am so grateful that I was assigned to her on PostOp Day Zero. She gave me all her attention — no request was ignored, she anticipated things I didn’t know I needed and she brought a smile and encouraging word every time she walked into the room. She is an incredible nursing professional and an exemplary human being.”

picRead Maddy's Nomination

“Our sweet girl passed away. Even though the situation was horrible and unfortunate, it couldn't have gone better. Maddy was so compassionate and caring the entire time. I cope with dark humor and she was very on beat with me and I loved that. ... She answered every question we had with a clear and loving response. She explained the situation, everything that was going on, and what to expect. There were moments when she caught us, the parents, alone and asked multiple times if we were OK, if we needed anything, and if we ever wanted time alone with our daughter, that she could make that happen and we don't have to worry. She was very attentive to reaction, emotion, and overall room vibes. If I ever have to go through death again, myself or another loved one, I would want to have Maddy by my side.”

picRead Rhonda's Nomination

“My husband came to same-day surgery for an arteriogram. He was very nervous because he did not go to the doctor often. Nurse Rhonda went out of her way to make him feel at ease, as she could tell he was extremely nervous. She came into the room many times keeping us updated about where we were in the process and what the next steps were. These updates and checking in helped my husband feel much more at ease than I ever thought was possible.”

picRead Joseph's Nomination

“Joseph was an amazing nurse to my brother the entire shift (7-7). He showed true care and compassion and made my brother and me top priority. He was gentle and kind and allowed my brother every bit of dignity that he could. ... We have been here 14 days so far and while we have been treated very well, Joseph truly went above and beyond and could tell this was something that he does during each shift he works. He is an amazing nurse. There were so many things that he did throughout the night that I cannot begin to list them all, but I can say he exhibited the absolute best nursing care that I have ever witnessed. ... He is truly a gem within your hospital.” 

picRead Shana's Nomination

“Shana received a triage call about a patient reporting high ileostomy output and he needed help. In her thorough triage and assessment, the nurse was able to determine the patient was not dehydrated, but possibly had high ostomy output and did have some medication changes that potentially needed to be made. ...The nurse thought creatively and saw the patient did have an ER close to him, but his clinical picture was not emergent. Instead, she called the local ER and asked to speak to a charge nurse. She explained the situation to the charge nurse and asked if they had a disposable handheld urinal they could give to the patient, and she could then teach him how to measure output from the ileostomy. ... This represents not just the kindness but the creativity and relentless pursuit of excellent patient care from our Vanderbilt nurses!” 

picRead Christian's Nomination

“To say Christian is outstanding would be merely touching the surface. I am sure he has many, many patients, but he makes the both of us feel like his sole mission is to give (my husband) extraordinary care. Christian knows that a heart transplant can change people in many ways, and he also knows that every patient is different. Instead of opening up a textbook and treating him like any other person, he allows (my husband) to talk through his struggles and concerns. He knows my husband is a proud man who has struggled with many setbacks. He approached him with dignity, and respect, putting him at ease when nothing else seems to help.” 

picRead Chelsey's Nomination

“My grandfather was admitted to the ICU in January 2024 with Covid pneumonia and septic shock. At one point during his stay, he was on a ventilator. During that time, Chelsey Scott was one of his nurses. Not only did she provide him with the utmost quality care and respect, she also provided us, his family, with amazing care. She allowed him to have dignity during a time that he was sedated by making sure to care for simple needs like washing his face and combing his hair for him. She embodies the heart of a caregiver. She provided calmness during our storm. Her attention to detail and ability to handle the difficult task of being an ICU nurse while also being compassionate to her patients and their families are why she should be the DAISY Award recipient.” 



Winter 2024 DAISY Recipients


picRead Marla's Nomination

“First officially met Marla Houston, RN, on 5/8/23 (then weekly until 6/9/23) but saw her most days of treatment (at least in passing). She always greeted me and asked how I was doing. On our weekly nursing visits (before I met with the doctor), she was always very helpful and concerned. She not only listened to my related concerns, passing information to the doctor to follow up with me about, but would discuss my concerns about other health problems … I am glad she was there and will always remember her. I can’t imagine a more compassionate individual, always helpful and concerned about me — but with a smile that just made me feel confident with everything going on.”


picRead Kristen's Nomination

“Kristen was immediately so kind and reassuring that she was going to take the best care of my daughter. My daughter, age 6, had been sick for a few days with a terrible cough and was experiencing chest pains. When we got to our room Kristen immediately included my daughter in all conversations. She promised that she would always talk to her and let her know if anything was going to be done that would be painful or hurt, that she would always talk to her and make sure they made a plan. She was the kindest and sweetest with her.”


picRead Sara's Nomination

“Impressed, grateful, overwhelmed by her kindness; these are the very strong emotions that come to my mind when I think of what ED Nurse Sara Elliott did for my family recently. My 37-year-old son had ALS. He was on hospice care at home. On Sunday afternoon while watching a movie, his time came, and he slumped over in his wheelchair. My daughter-in-law was terrified and very upset. Despite knowing he had a fatal disease, she began resuscitation efforts. She called 911 and he was taken by ambulance to the VTHH ED. There he was provided care by the most amazing group of folks. (The staff was nothing short of amazing at every turn, but that is a different story). Sara was the ED charge nurse that day, and ensured my son received exceptional care, individualized to him..”


picRead Jeff's Nomination

“I work in Labor & Delivery. Jeff was our CRNA from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. After 3, he passed the baton to another CRNA. Around 3:15 or so one of our patients required the service of Anesthesia. We called the person we were supposed to. They said okay, someone will be there shortly. A few minutes later Jeff shows up in street clothes. We asked, ‘What are you doing back?’ He responded, ‘I was on my way home when I got the text a patient needed help. Everyone else is stuck in a case in the OR, so I turned around. Patients shouldn’t be in pain if we can help it.’ …Jeff is one of the most kind, caring and compassionate CRNAs I have ever worked with..”


picRead Annaliza's Nomination

“I’ve seen nurse Zurcher now probably about five or six times. She always makes me feel a lot better about my visit considering I dread doctor appointments. She is always extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Today I was sitting in the patient room and wondering how I could let her know that I appreciate her and what she does and then I saw this survey and thought instantly to recognize her on this platform. Hats off to you, nurse Zurcher. You’re amazing at what you do, and my family and I would like to say thank you”


picRead Brandy's Nomination

“The particular nurse, Brandy, went above and beyond her call of duty when I sought her out after having a panic attack due to flashbacks. The sympathy/empathy shown means so much to me, and I imagine always will be ingrained in my mind. Not only did she provide me with a positive distraction, but she stayed with me until I felt comfortable.”


picRead Shannon's Nomination

“Shannon is an incredible asset to the hospital, especially the PICU. Not only does she round on all of our high-risk patients, but she always comes by the even hours because she knows our patients get turned then, and she can help us with this task. And she doesn’t just check their skin and leave; she is always game to tackle a bath, a diaper change, a full linen change, or whatever else the patient needs. She is SO flexible with nursing when she comes by for skin checks and she sticks around to help with all the things that need to be done. She also checks in with us on an emotional level when we have difficult assignments. She takes on so many roles.”



DAISY Fall 2023 Recipients


picRead Amber's Nomination

“Amber was so attentive to my daughter and son-in-law as they delivered their first child. She calmed their fears and established a great rapport with them. (My daughter) has a phobia of hospitals and Amber had her smiling and at ease from the very start. I witnessed this when I stepped in the room that morning. Amber explained procedures and prepared them for what to expect by teaching them. She was very professional but also established their trust by showing them equipment before- hand. … Amber was the best and most caring, knowledgeable nurse. We are so very thankful that she took such great care…”


picRead Alexandra's Nomination

“I was so impressed with Alex. My husband came in through the ER and was to have a catheter put for peritoneal dialysis. But while there he declined pretty rapidly. I was extremely concerned and knew he would need emergency dialysis. Alex was beyond helpful to us in advocating to the internal medicine doctor and Nephrology how dire he was in needing the emergency dialysis. I truly felt she knew exactly how I was feeling as a family member, and I was beyond thankful for all she did to help us. I truly feel she helped to save his life. She was a pleasure to have and such an asset to Vanderbilt.”


picRead Kyle's Nomination

““I have been a physician for over 38 years and have worked with many nurses in many situations. None have done a better job than this young man. He is compassionate and caring and very competent. He has been extremely attentive to my dad during his week in the CCU and has been a great blessing as he passed from this life to his home in heaven this evening. My family is extremely grateful for Kyle’s presence here! Thanks, Kyle!” ”


picRead Rita's Nomination

“I became the recipient of a heart transplant … During the recovery in both the CVICU Unit as well as the step-down unit, Rita continued to be there when I needed someone most. She would always be the voice that kept giving me advice and just listening when it seemed too hard to continue but she always knew just what to say to keep me going. She is an amazing nurse and an even better listener. … Rita is the epitome of what patients need when recovering and an asset to Vanderbilt Hospital. She is my earth angel, and I am forever grateful for her.”



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