Holding Room/PACU, 3rd Floor VUH

Hello and welcome to the Holding Room/PACU, located on the 3rd floor of Vanderbilt University Hospital (VUH).

The environment on our unit is friendly and family-oriented.  Leadership is supportive of personal and professional staff growth.  We have many highly experienced nurses with ICU backgrounds.  Staff is very supportive of each other.  They readily welcome and share their knowledge with all new nurses.  They are always eager to help and “pitch in” when needed.

We care for adult patients who electively or emergently are having surgery.

Our patients may be having a simple procedure that allows them to go home the same day or may be undergoing very complex surgeries that will require them to be cared for in an intensive care setting.  Surgery is a unique place in healthcare.  After surgery, patients’ lives are changed.  

There are many advantages to working in VOR Holding/PACU.  New Graduate Nurses receive support from experienced Clinical Staff Leaders and staff.  We have a flexible scheduling system with a variety of 9, 10, and 12-hour shifts.  Staff can have the opportunity to connect with multiple patients and families every day and at the most vulnerable and critical time in their lives.  

Our nurses are successful because we maintain a strong Shared Governance structure.  Our Unit Board meets every month.  Staff work with leadership addressing all aspects of their practice to improve the care of patients/families and increase satisfaction in their work environment.

Our approach to the orientation of new nurses to the VOR Holding Room/PACU is competency-based.  New nurses are provided with a 12-week orientation with a dedicated preceptor.

We encourage professional growth. 

Professional development, opportunities, and interests are discussed during orientation and throughout the year during performance conversations.
If you have any questions about our unit, please email diane.johnson@vumc.org or visit Work at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to explore open nursing positions.

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