Biostatistical Support

The Section of Surgical Sciences is committed to supporting clinical research.  As a part of this mission, we provide biostatistical assistance across the Section. There are three main pathways for support. 

Brief Consult

A 30-minute consultation with the biostatistical team.  The goal of these meeting is to answer a discreet biostatistical question in an expedited manner.

Grant Assistance

The Section enthusiastically supports grant submission.  As part of this, the biostatistical team is available for consultation on biostatistical methods and budgetary recommendation as related to grant submissions.

Full Data Analysis

Section biostatistical support is available for all clinical research conducted within the Section.   Priority is given to research with a clear pathway to grant funding.  All proposals are reviewed by Section Research Leadership.   Every effort should be made to clean data prior to analysis.  Full data analysis requires submission of a Section Biostatistical Support Proposal.  This can be accessed here: “Section Biostatistical Support Proposal

Please submit all Biostatistical Support Requests here:

For any questions or issues, please contact Alexander Hawkins at






Alexander T. Hawkins, MD, MPH, FACS