Oct 29, 2012: Is there an outpatient medical toxicology clinic?

Yes there is!  The medical toxicology clinic is located at The Vanderbilt Clinic, Medical Specialties Section on the 2nd floor.  It is staffed by board certified physician medical toxicologists.  Some patients are referred for follow up from a recent hospitalization or from an ED visit.  Many patients are referred by primary care or specialty providers for evaluation of symptoms that may be caused by a chemical or drug exposure, and to provide recommendations for further workup and possible treatment options.  

We normally require a physician referral before we see a patient so that there is an opportunity to review the question or issue and any supporting work-up done to that point.  This helps to make sure it is a toxicology issue and that the appropriate screening methods have been done.  All patients are referred back to their physician for continued care.  Workman’s comp cases related to a toxic exposure can be evaluated and this is coordinated through Vanderbilt Corporate Health Services. To schedule an evaluation contact Suzy at 615-936-0760.


This question prepared by: John G. Benitez, MD, MPH  Medical Toxicologist


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Donna Seger, MD

Medical Director

Tennessee Poison Center


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