June 19, 2006: How does Tennessee Poison Center Help Persons That Do Not Speak English?

Tennessee Poison Center is available to help all Tennessee residents. TPC has a certified poison specialist who is a native of Venezuela and who speaks Spanish fluently. In addition, if a person calls the hotline and their language is not understood by the poison specialist, TPC uses the AT&T Language Line Services. A Language Line Services interpreter will listen to the limited English speaking caller and accurately convey his/her conversation to the poison specialist.

Tennessee Poison Center has several brochures available for Spanish speaking residents. The Poison Help poison prevention brochure is available in Spanish, as well as the Prevent a Poisoning card. Both of these publications give poison prevention tips and describe the services available at Tennessee Poison Center. Inhalants Are Poisons is also available in Spanish. This brochure instructs youth and their families about the dangers of inhalant abuse.

Question of the week submitted by, Josephine Darwin, Director of Community Outreach


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Donna Seger, MD

Medical Director

Tennessee Poison Center