Dec 4, 2019: What Are the Dangers from One-Pot Methamphetamine Laboratories?


“One-pot” methamphetamine laboratories are portable, often homemade, labs intended to create smaller batches of methamphetamine in a shorter amount of time than traditional methods used by large drug traffickers. The dangerous process involves the combination of several common household ingredients in one container. The concentration of the products causes pressure to increase within the sealed container creating the potential of exploding into a giant fireball.

The ease of transport and concealment of one-pot labs creates a significant concern for officer and public safety. Substances and containers used to create a one-pot lab can be easily overlooked. Therefore, awareness of the precursor chemicals and containers are key to identifying an active lab. (…; accessed November 2019)

Methamphetamine is alive and well in Tennessee, but as noted in this press release, it can be overlooked because of all the attention on opiates.  I thought you would be interested in this “analytical method”. -ds

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