Aug 13, 2018: What is the Antivenom Index and how , can the Tennessee Poison Center help?

The Antivenom Index is a database containing indications for antivenom administration and location of the antivenom. The information is updated and maintained by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the University of Arizona, funded by HRSA through the Poison Center Stabilization and Enhancement Program Grant and administered by the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and VIPER institute.

The Tennessee Poison Center can and should be utilized for exotic snake bites! We have access to this database and can assist not only in obtaining information, but procuring antidotes for patients when needed. Recently – the Tennessee Poison Center was contacted and consulted concerning an Asian Cobra (naja kaouthia) bite. Our toxicologist was able to locate the correct antivenom, provide administration instructions, and facilitate acquisition of the antidote from the zoo to the healthcare facility. Exotic snake bites can be difficult to manage, don’t do it alone – Call the Tennessee Poison Center with questions and consults concerning any snakebite.


This Question was prepared by: Nena Bowman, PharmD, DABAT, Managing Director


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