About Us

The Department of Pediatric Surgery at Vanderbilt is part of one of the largest, most respected and fastest growing medical centers in the country. We are part of the largest free-standing children's hospital in the country, Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. Our hospital facility, surgeons, nurses and staff provide care designed specifically for the needs of children and their families.


The Department of Pediatric Surgery consists of 10 attending pediatric surgeons, who all work together, and a rotating Pediatric Surgery resident service. Your child's care will be entrusted to one of our pediatric surgeons. However, in the event of an emergency or hospital stay, your child may receive care from another pediatric surgeon of our group, along with one of our Pediatric Surgery resident physicians.


The Department of Pediatric Surgery also consists of a team of nurses who work together to provide support to the physicians and a contact for the family. They are specially trained in pediatric surgery and once your child has been established as a patient can answer your routine questions related to follow-up care, home care after surgery, prescriptions your child has been given, problems that may arise, and many others. They assist the physicians in most procedures and receive on-going training to continue to provide excellent support.

Office Staff

The Department of Pediatric Surgery also has office and clinical staff who assist and support the surgeons and nurses. They will be your first link to the department and will provide you with appointment information, assist in scheduling your child's clinic visit and surgery, if needed, provide information to the surgeons and nurses, explain your insurance and financial information, and be available to answer your questions over the phone.