Care Connections

The Care Connections team is responsible for all inbound & outbound calls and electronic correspondences. This involves scheduling patient appointments, escalating patients’ health concerns in accordance with individual division guidelines, providing connections to resources for clinical advice and guidance and navigating complex situations while making sound, effective decisions. This team is responsible for connecting patients across the Vanderbilt care continuum with the care they need to get well and stay well.


Dedicated to providing access to patient centered care that improves the health and wellness of patients and provide the best outcomes and customer experience possible.


Committed to increasing patient access while continuing to improve the work environment by nurturing our staff through education and focused learning that will positively benefit patient outcomes and make VUMC a premier employer.


  • Patients First
  • Quality
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Teamwork


  • Complete scheduling requests, ensuring patients receive the timely care they need—from the right provider in a convenient location
  • Connect patients to primary care and preventative service providers across the VUMC Continuum
  • Increase access to quality patient care, while promoting innovative options (such as Telehealth)
  • Serve as single point of contact to address patient needs

For questions about Care Connections, contact PAS Care Connections.