This one-year fellowship has been designed to provide comprehensive exposure to the clinical and research-related aspects of total joint reconstruction in the adult. Particular emphasis is placed on the unique challenges of complex and/or revision arthroplasty. The fellowship is headed by Dr. Gregory Polkowski, with the assistance of Dr. Andrew Shinar and Dr. Stephen Engstrom whose focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of the problematic joint, whether from injury, disease, or previous arthroplasty. Additional emphasis is placed on clinical research of progressive surgical techniques and outcome analysis.

Due to the technically demanding nature of this subspecialty, the fellow will participate as a team member in the operating room, enabling exposure to perioperative care management and decision-making.

Participation in the outpatient clinical setting is also expected. This will provide a well-rounded exposure not only to the extensive planning and medical management of the preoperative phase, but also to the rehabilitation-focused postoperative period of care in the arthroplasty patient. Active participation in clinical research-related activities is facilitated by access to a variety of resources; the fellow is encouraged to initiate scientific study in addition to providing input to ongoing projects.

Having been appointed to a faculty position as an instructor in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, the fellow will function as a junior faculty member with teaching responsibilities in regard to conference participation and individual instruction of medical students and orthopaedic residents. Please feel free to contact Diana Arcuri at or (615) 936-5677  if you need anymore information.

Left to right : Gregory Polkowski, MD (Program Director), Andrew Shinar, MD, and Stephen Engstrom MD