Uploading Attendance for a CME Activity

The instructions below are to award credit for a CME activity via spreadsheet upload.  Currently these permissions are limited to those in OCPD.  Only one credit amount may be awarded at a time, so separate spreadsheets are required to award variable credit (e.g. one spreadsheet for 1.0 credits, a second for 1.5 credits, etc.).  This will most commonly be used for high-stakes quizzing platform activities, where precise credit accounting is required.

If a learner already has a profile in the system, the upload will add credits to his/her account.  If a learner does not already have a profile in the system (or uses a second email address in the upload), a profile will be created.

Spreadsheet Upload Template (minimum required fields) — Activity_Import_Example

Spreadsheet upload template (for quizzing platform activities) — Template for Profile Upload to Cloud (full)

  1. In the administration area, select Activities then Import an Activity
  2. Select the activity needed for upload, then Next
  3. Insert the number of credit hours for this batch of learners and the date earned (the last day of the activity, then Next
  4. Select to find the desired file, then Upload File
  5. Import
  6. A summary of learners will appear.  If additional spreadsheets (credit amounts) are needed, repeat steps 3-5 as many times as needed.
  7. Once complete, confirm all credits were uploaded successfully and accurately through the Manage Credits screen