Updating User Screen Access in CloudCME

Any user with an account in CloudCME can be granted access to any number of screens in the administration area of the site.  Templates should be used for the commonly-given sets of permissions.

This can be done on a user-by-user basis, such as when adding a CME Owner to a newly approved series, or in bulk.


Administration –> User Screen Access


To update an individual user’s access

  • Find the desired user and click their name (search by last name, first name)
  • Choose the desired Template
    • As each template is selected, it can be reviewed before applying and saving
  • click Apply Selected Access Template
  • If the existing template does not cover the permissions needed, use the instructions below to create a new one

To update a template or create a new template

Note that when updating an existing template, the changes are not pushed to users who are assigned to that template.  To update those users after a template change, use the bulk instructions below.

  • Update Templates tab
  • If updating an existing Template
    • Click the template
    • Add or remove necessary access
    • Update Selected Access template
  • If creating a new access Template
    • Add necessary access
    • Create New Access Template
    • Name it with the relevant role, then OK to save


To update access in bulk

  • Import User Screen Access tab
  • In excel, prepare an .xls or .xlsx file with existing users whose permissions you need to update/add to the same template.  The format is 4 columns, with the following headings (these must precisely match the user’s account in CloudCME):
    1. USERID
    2. EMAIL
  • If updating user access to an existing group
    • Select the Report tab in User Screen Access
    • Filter to the desired Template or Screen List
      • If these filters are insufficient, the entire list can also be exported and manipulated in excel instead
    • Export to XLS and reconfigure into the format above, using the Text to Columns feature in excel to separate the full name into first and last
  • If adding a new group to a template
    • Configure the file into the format described above, using the Reports –> Membership downloads or some other CloudCME source that will pull exact names, emails, and UserIDs as they appear in the system
  • Choose the desired template
  • Select then Upload File
  • Once file has processed, select Import Selected Access to complete