How to create or update certificate templates in CloudCME

Each credit type used should have a corresponding certificate template assigned to it.  These may be created when adding a new credit type or updated at any time.  For detailed information on the various merge fields available (date, time, name, credit amount, etc.), refer to CloudCME’s help documents.

  • Activities –> Attendee Certificates, the Default Certificates tab shows what credit types and files are already mapped (these can also be previewed).  If adding a brand new mapping use the +Add new record button
  • Upload/Download Certificate Files tab
  • If editing an existing template, click it to download and open, otherwise create a new word (.docx) file
  • Save your new or updated word file then +Upload
  • Select the file (use the Overwrite if file exists? checkbox if updating an existing template) and Upload
  • Back on the Default Certificates tab, Preview to ensure the correct changes were made