How to add additional RSS sessions for an additional year

The instructions below detail how to add an additional year (or other time length) worth of sessions to an existing RSS.  This is most commonly used when an RSS is continuing the next year but is not going through a full OCPD renewal process with a new electronic application.

Note: if the RSS has changed its recurrence pattern or will be changing it in the new year, duplicate sessions are created and need to be manually deleted, one at a time.  If the recurrence pattern has not changed, as is the case with most RSS, the additional sessions will just be added for the new time interval.  When done generating child sessions, always confirm no duplicates were created that need to be deleted, this will impact the RSS dashboard, PARS, NARS, and other reporting.


To add additional sessions:

  • Administration –> Activity Manager
  • Search for the RSS by EventID
  • Click the pencil icon on the parent
  • Navigate to the Date/Time tab
    • Change the end date to the end of the following year (or any other desired interval)
    • Check that children should inherit objectivesfaculty tasks, and evaluations.  If the activity is a case conference (marked on the Setup tab) also check Children Inherit Faculty
    • Then click Auto-generate Child Activities
  • A notification will appear telling you how many children were created.
  • Close this browser tab and refresh the Activity Manager page
  • Refresh
  • Scan through the full list of children, often spanning several pages, making sure no duplicates were created
    • Duplicates would not yet be approved, making them easier to spot
    • If there are any duplicates, scroll all the way to the right of each and click the Deactivate icon
      • Note: each time you deactivate, the page will refresh.  This can make it a little extra time-consuming if your sessions span multiple pages