Enduring materials where content is housed on another LMS


For some enduring materials, the content (including the post-test) is housed on another LMS such as the Learning Exchange.  Learners start in the external LMS, complete all content there, and upon successful completion receive a text code to claim credit in CloudCME.  Content designers should include all items in the Required Content document below in order to meet all ACCME compliance guidelines.  Content and learner data from the external LMS must also be kept for the required 6 years and be available to the CME office during this time.

Enduring materials requirements 2018

Example (note: includes CME and MOC language)  this was sent to the CME Owners to be displayed at the beginning of each externally hosted module

If desired, the course details can also be displayed in the CloudCME course catalog.  In this case the Overview should include the statement below (or something similar) to direct learners to find the content in the external location.  No video, pdf, or quiz info is in CloudCME.  However, a blank module must be created and attached in Activities –> Online Content/Tests in order to trigger the course to display in the online course catalog.

The following text should be used in both the Description box of the Overview tab (Activity Manager) AND as the title of the blank module you create in Online Content/Tests.  This ensures it displays anywhere a learner might click to look for how to get started.

This course is hosted on VUMC’s Learning Exchange.  To begin the course, log in at https://learningexchange.vumc.org and search for <course title>.  Once you have completed the content, and passed the post-test with a score of <passing rate>% or higher, you will receive a numeric text code to claim your credit.

Instructions for texting, displayed to learners after passing all posttests:

Credit code must be texted to 855-776-6263 within 30 days.

Steps for claiming credit in CloudCME:

  1. Text in the provided code above to verify your completion of the course course
  2. Sign in to https://vumc.cloud-cme.com with your VUMC ID and password
  3. Select the orange My CE button, then Evaluations & Certificates
  4. Complete evaluation for this module and download the certificate
    • Note: credit will immediately appear on your transcript upon texting

More information on getting started in CloudCME: https://vumc.cloud-cme.com/default.aspx?P=2000