Download RSS series data and aggregate in excel using a pivot table

The instructions below detail how to download RSS series data and then use a pivot table in excel to aggregate attendance reports from CloudCME in order to automatically count by learners and/or date/session.  Note that depending on your version of Excel, and whether you use a Mac or PC, your screen may look a little different than the screenshots below.  The pivot table will be the same, however.

Download Data

  1. Reports
  2. Credits
  3. Select the desired date range, click the Parents Only, then type your series name in the Activity box until it appears.  Click its title when it does
  4. Run Report
  5. Export XLS to download


Count in Excel (pivot table)

  1. Open your file in excel
  2. Select all data
  3. Insert then PivotTable
  4. Make sure it is placed in a new worksheet, then OK (the range is automatically selected and does not need to be changed)
  5. Click on the PivotTable to open the menu on the right side.  Drag the Name field down into the Rows box.  Drag the Credits field down into the Values box.
  6. Optional: