Creating new Quiz Time children from an approved paper application

The instructions below detail how to create a new child content area under an existing and approved parent content area.  Once the child has been fully created, learners may text in for credit (or learner credits may be uploaded in some older cases).  The child may be created as far in advance as needed, but must be fully set up before a quizzing activity begins, including all DFR reviews and resolutions. 

As of 10/20/2021, in order to allow OCPD time to review and mitigate potential conflicts of interest, children should be created at least 10 business days in advance.  If extenuating circumstances make this not possible, or there are any other questions or concerns, contact

A new child must be created any time there is a new quiz that uses significantly new material and has new learning objectives.  For example, using the same 10 quiz questions in a different order, or with revised rationale, would not require a new child.  However, 10 brand-new questions on a related, but different, topic would require a new child.  A new child is also required if the same learners (or some of the same learners) wish to take a quiz again in a subsequent year and earn credit again.  Learners cannot claim credit twice using the same child/texting code due to system safeguards to prevent accidental duplicate credits.

As of 11/16/2021 – with recent ACCME changes, Quiz Time parents are now set up for 2 years at a time rather than 1 year.  This should decrease setup time for both the OCPD and CAHML offices.  All 2021 parents are now 2021-2022.

Update: as of 9/6/2022 - withthe recent ACCME changes, Quiz Time parents are now set up for several years at a time or more.  This should decrease setup time for both the OCPD CAHML offices and also means it's no longer required for quizzes to end by December 31st each year.  The disclosure requirements have not changed, all disclosures from all faculty and planners must be completed at least 10 business days in advance

Before completing the steps below, the full paper application must be complete.  A blank application is linked below.  All fields in red are listed as an example to assist with the form.  Any fields already completed, or checked, apply to all Quiz Time activities and should remain.


While a new Parent application must go through OCPD to be created and approved, new child applications do not.

Part 1. Create a new child

  • In the Administration area, select Activities then Activity Manager 
  • Search by title and click the parent in the activity manager
  • Click the Calendar icon
  • Double click on the start date to begin creating the new child
  • Select Options  
  • Add the title and set the end date to 12/31 of the current year OR the actual end date of the quiz then Save
  • Close the calendar and wait for the child list to refresh
  • Click the newly created child title

Part 2. Complete the remaining child details by updating the following 7 tabs (+ the Children tab as of 11/16/2021)

Tab Details:

  • Setup – Click Approval Status and Update
  • As of 2/4/2021 – If it doesn’t pull automatically from the parent, make sure the Type = Directly Provided – Other and Activity Format = Other with Quiz Time as the specific Other type.
  • Date/Time – Change End Time and Texting Minutes after, then Update.

  • Credits & Sessions – Update totals if they differ from the main parent.  All CME children should be offering AMA and Non-Physician Attendance.  Some may also offer ANCC or be only ANCC if needed.  A child may not offer a type of credit for which the parent has not been approved.
  • Objectives – Add objectives from both sections of the paper form, including introductory text that applies to all (After participating in this CME activity, participants should be able to OR After participating in this CME activity, participants should be able to describe and discuss, etc.).  Then Update
  • Faculty – Add all faculty/quiz authors.  They must have an existing CloudCME profile before they are added
    • If any faculty have a CloudCME account but do not have a DFR on file, please contact them.  They should log in at and click Disclosure at the bottom of the page
    • If any faculty do not have a CloudCME account, please contact them.  They should log in at and complete a full profile.  Once that is done, they should also click Disclosure at the bottom of the page to complete a DFR.

Once all DFR forms have been completed, if any have relationships listed they must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Continuous Professional Development (OCPD).  Send an email with the parent name, child name, child ID, and start date to to start the process.

  • Documents – Upload a copy of the paper application for storage.    
  • Evaluation – on the evaluations tab, select Form ID 18992, Create Evaluation Form
  • Change Evaluation Required = No and Update to save
  • Children – confirm that Roll Child into Parent is unchecked, and uncheck if not

Part 3. Add the Quiz Time specific certificates to the quiz.  They include both the parent and the child names on the certificate for learners

  • Activities –> Attendee Certificates from the side blue bar
  • Search for the child by its number and click when it appears
  • Activity-Specific Certificates
  • + Add new record
    • Type = AMA credit
    • Certificate Template File = AMAMOCCombined_SessionName.docx
    • Insert
  • + Add new record
    • Type = Non-Physician Credit
    • Certificate Template File = NonPhysicianCertificate_SessionName.docx
    • Insert
  • It should look like this when complete: