Mission and Objectives

The Program of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) strives to maintain a quality education program in order to accomplish the following outcomes.

  • To provide well trained, competent employees for the VUMC laboratories.
  • To provide a stimulating atmosphere for the laboratory staff. 
  • To maintain a source of professionals who can constantly bring new knowledge into the laboratory system. 
  • To supply the region with medical laboratory scientists who possess advanced skills. 
  • To advance the profession of Medical Laboratory Science by training enterprising and adaptable individuals who will take the forefront in the changing environment of health care.

The Program of Medical Laboratory Science at Vanderbilt University Medical Center bases its educational program on those principles essential to the preparation of students to achieve the ideals of the Profession.

The MLS Program strives to instill in each student:

  • The knowledge, skills and professional attitude necessary to accurately and proficiently perform and evaluate clinical laboratory analyses.
  • The concern for others which carries with it the responsibility of good patient care and cooperation with fellow employees.
  • The desire to strive for new knowledge and progress and to accept changing trends in the profession.
  • The capacity to accept leadership roles whether in management or education.
  • Interest in the growth and development of medical laboratory science as a profession.