MLS Welcome note



Welcome to the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program! Medical laboratory scientists perform testing on biological samples and interpret the results to provide information for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment to support patient care. Most medical laboratory scientists typically work in hospital or clinic settings but may also work in industrial, environmental, public health, forensics, and other related areas. Graduates of our program are eligible for national certification through the ASCP-BOC and licensure through the State of Tennessee medical laboratory board.

About Holly Covas

Holly Covas began her career in the medical laboratory by earning her AAS degree from Meridian Community College in Medical Laboratory Technology in 2007. She began working as a generalist in a hospital laboratory while returning to school to earn her BS in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 2010. Holly returned to Meridian Community College to serve as the education coordinator for the Medical Laboratory Technology program from which she graduated in 2010 as well. In 2013, Holly moved to Nashville to transition into the Medical Laboratory Science program director role at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She completed her MPH in Public Health degree from the University of California, Berkeley campus in 2014 and is currently enrolled in Baylor University’s Learning and Organizational Change program, from which she is scheduled to complete in 2022 to earn her EdD.