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If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or need emergency care:

Call 911 or go to your closest Emergency Room.  You can also call the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Assessment Service for Crisis Assessments, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: (615) 327-7000.

For questions about our research and studies, please contact:

Rembrandt Study

D3 Study

Depressed Mind 3 Study

COG-D Study

General Questions

McClain Daniel

(615) 421-8579  

Catherine Conway

(615) 936-0214  

Sarah Siddiqi

(615) 936-8297   

Sarah Szymkowicz

(615) 875-0032 

Carrie Williams

(615) 936-2162



To request an outpatient evaluation at Vanderbilt Behavioral Health:

Please request a referral from your physician or call: (615) 936-3555.

Our Location

The Laboratory of Affective and Cognitive Imaging is located within the Center for Cognitive Medicine at the

Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

1601 23rd Ave South

Nashville, TN 37212