How to Acknowledge the ITR

We would greatly appreciate an acknowledgement of our contributions to your project when the data are presented or published. Please use the following acknowledgement:
[Experiments] were performed in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Immunophenotyping Shared Resource supported by the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Support Grant (NCI 5P30CA068485-21) and the Breast Cancer SPORE (NCI 2P50CA098131-11).

For experiments that involve the use of the PhenoCycler (CODEX), please also provide the following acknowledgement:
The PhenoCycler is supported by S10OD030338.

If we leverage other Vanderbilt or non-Vanderbilt Shared Resources to complete your project, we will provide the appropriate information for you to acknowledge their contribution(s).

Depending on the scope of work, publications that incorporate data generated in the ITR/IPSR should have relevant ITR/IPSR personnel listed as a co-author.