Where the cancer clinic meets the laboratory...

The Innovative Translational Research Shared Resource (ITR) at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center partners with oncologists, and laboratory and non-laboratory researchers, to guide, manage, and facilitate pre-clinical and clinical trial laboratory discoveries.

Our goal is to advance the translation of research into improved anti-cancer therapies.

Custom projects accepted! Our broad experience in cancer clinical trials, genomics, biochemistry, and cell biology allows us to pursue your unique research project. We leverage ITR resources, other Vanderbilt Shared Resources, other academic institutions, and/or companies to achieve your goals.

Our success is founded upon our ability to draw resources together, understand a breadth of research technologies, and engage teams from various backgrounds in a timely manner to achieve common goals. 

"I cannot emphasize strongly enough how critical the support of the ITR core was to getting my project off the ground.  Taking an IIT from idea to reality can be a daunting experience, especially in areas of study that are somewhat novel to the Vanderbilt community.  Kim and Jamye provided guidance and support in a way that made me feel like I was an old pro at getting studies off the ground, transforming me from junior investigator with an idea to the lead of a multi-site investigator initiated study nearly overnight.  They navigated between core facilities, negotiated at my side to get the best prices and contracts, and seamlessly connected me with collaborators.  Simply put, this core eliminates boundaries to scientific investigation and gives investigators the boost they need to succeed."

-Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH

“I have greatly appreciated the ITR’s ability to help me, as a clinician, design rigorous, feasible, and actionable correlates to several clinical trials. Further, they have facilitated numerous collaborative translational studies leading to important scientific breakthroughs.”

-Douglas Johnson, MD, MSCI

"The available resources in the ITR have significantly accelerated the work in my lab. Thanks the expertise and efficiency offered by the ITR I can focus on my work while trusting that the experiments needed will be carried out with the highest quality and scientific rigor."

-Carlos Lopez, PhD