Winter Sports Safety

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Winter sports are one of the most exciting parts of the winter season for a lot of families. Ice skating, sledding, skiing, and snowmobiles are wonderful ways to make memories with your children, but they can be an easy way to get hurt if your children aren't being safe while playing. Make sure to share these winter sport tips with your children to help keep them safe.

For Ice Hockey and Ice Skating:

  • Only skate on approved surfaces. Look for a sign that it's been checked or go to a location set up specifically for it. Never venture onto unknown ponds, rivers or lakes. 
  • Go with the direction of the other ice skaters and don't dart across the rink if your ice skating. 
  • Wear hockey or ski helmets to avoid dangerous head injuries. 
  • Never skate unsupervised.

For Skiing and Snowboarding:

  • Take lessons from professionals and never go out alone.
  • Check your equipment and gear annually and always wear a well fitted helmet. 
  • Keep your children on slopes that fit their ability level and avoid any slopes with obstacles like trees. Also, only use marked slopes. Never use unknown or unmarked slopes.


  • Stay away from roadways, busy areas, and any crowded areas, included tree-covered areas.
  • Always supervise children. Do not allow children to go sledding alone.
  • Consider having children wear a helmet to avoid head injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Always sled with feet first in a steerable sled that is in good working order.

    For Snowmobiles:

    • Children 5 and younger shouldn't be on a snowmobile even with an adult.
    • No one under the age of 16 or anyone who has not completed a formal snowmobile safety course should ever operate a snowmobile.
    • Every driver and passenger of a snowmobile, should wear a helmet and goggles for safety. No exceptions. 
    • Stay on marked paths and trails only.

    In addition to these safety tips for winter sports, remember that if your child plans play in the snow, snowballs, especially tightly packed snowballs can become a danger to children's eyes. If they are building things out of snow, remember no tunnels. They can collapse and suffocated the child, so encourage them to build forts instead with large, visible openings. Use these precautions, and keep your family safe during their winter sports events.  


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