Our mission

The Trauma Injury Prevention (TIP) program at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt (MCJCH) is part of the Department of Pediatric Trauma/Surgery. As a Level I Trauma hospital, we have access to the most updated trauma statistics for our area and can base our programs on the needs of our communities. In addition, we partner with many hospital departments to bring a full range of services to our projects and involve as many employees as possible to keep injury prevention in everyone’s focus. The TIP team collaborates and partners with several organizations committed to reducing children's injury throughout the state. Our community partnerships include law enforcement, EMS, fire departments, school districts, community agencies, businesses, parks and recreation and families. Our programs are funded by General Motors, Ford Motor Company Funds, Polaris, and the TN Department of Health.

The Injury Prevention Program strives to reduce unintentional injuries and death among children and promote safe behaviors in the community by:

•    Developing strategies based on analysis of trauma data from Children's Hospital and the State of Tennessee.
•    Providing injury prevention education and resources to families in the hospital and community.
•    Conducting and participating in innovative research that furthers the injury prevention field.
•    Collaborating at the local, state, and national levels to promote programs and policies that protect children.