Why You Shouldn't Speed During a World Pandemic

The concern over speeding motorists has increased during the novel coronavirus outbreak. Many people are quarantined in their homes. Fewer cars on the road may lead to a greater temptation to drive recklessly. This greater freedom on the roadways can give you a false sense of security.

The dangers of speeding can not only affect you as the driver, but anyone else on the road. Approximately one third of all motor vehicle fatalities (more than 9,000) in 2018 involved speeding.1 Teens are more likely to be involved in a speeding-related crash than an adult due to driving inexperience. The dangers of speeding increase drastically when driving conditions change due to weather, darkness, and winding roads.

A motorist can receive from one to eight “points” on their driver license for a speeding violation. A police officer may issue additional points if the violation resulted in a crash. Teen drivers, be aware that if you accumulate more than six points you will not become ineligible for a Tennessee Intermediate Unrestricted Driver license.

You can avoid speed-related violations and crashes. Following are some ways both parents and teens can help one another remember to drive at safe speeds.


Set an example. Avoid speeding with your teen as a passenger. Demonstrate safe driving for your whole family.

Educate. Talk to your teen driver about the risks of speeding, such as getting a ticket, losing their driving privilege, and being involved in a harmful or fatal wreck.

Create a reward system. Some teens find rewards motivating. Consider this option when you observe good driving behavior.


Ask your parent to sign our Parent-Teen Driving Contract with you. Use the contract to guide a conversation with them about safe driving. Showing your parents that you take driving seriously can lead to a reward, or perhaps even more independence.

Get more driving practice. Ask your parents if you can participate in an online driver’s education class to strengthen your confidence and driving abilities.