What are the Benefits of a Driver's Education Course?

Although it may be an exciting time for your teen, most parents find that teaching their child how to drive can cause stress and anxiety. Many parents take on the responsibility of teaching their teen how to drive but forget that enrolling their teen into a driver’s education course can be a great alternative or an additional resource.

Here are a few benefits as to why every parent should consider enrolling their child in a driver’s education class:

  • Gaining Defensive Driving Skills- Most driver’s education courses will teach your teen driver how to drive defensively. These techniques can aid in avoiding crashes and gaining the ability to drive in various weather conditions.
  • Learning the Rules of the Road- Your child will become familiar with the rules of the road in their driver’s education class. This can include state laws such as the Graduated Driver License Program and Tennessee Hands Free Law.
  • Builds Confidence- Typically, after completing a driver’s education course, the student will walk away feeling more confident in their driving abilities. Your teen driver will have a better awareness of the road which can boost their confidence ultimately making them a safe driver.
  • Basic Car Maintenance- Many courses teach basic mechanical knowledge and car maintenance. This information can be very valuable if anything ever goes wrong while your teen is driving alone.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums- Some insurance companies offer a discount for teens who have successfully completed a driver’s education course.
  • Additional training and practice- Driver’s education courses can provide your new driver with additional driving practice that can help them to be a safer driver.

Please download our Parent Teen Driving Agreement here to help guide the safe driving conversation in your family. For more teen driving tips, visit our website here.