Registering your Child Safety Seat



Registering your child safety seat is an important part of ensuring you have the most up to date safety information. By registering your car seat or booster seat, you will receive updates as well as any information if there were to be a recall on your child safety seat. 

Before you register your car seat or booster seat, you need to locate the model number, model name, and date of manufacture. This will typically be located on a sticker on the car seat. You may have to look underneath the seat or on the side of the seat. It may also be engraved on the bottom of the plastic of the car seat as well. 

Once you have located this information, you can either register your child safety seat online or with the registration card that comes with a new seat. If you use the registration card, you will fill out the card with basic contact information such as your name, address, and email. The model name, model number, and date the car seat was manufactured may already be listed on the card. Typically, you do not have to pay for postage and can place the card directly in your mailbox. 

If you cannot locate your registration card or prefer to do it online, there are a couple of different ways you can register the child safety seat. One way is to register directly on the car seat manufacturer’s website. You will need to locate the important information such as model number, name, and expiration date that is found on the sticker of the car seat. The website may vary depending on the manufacture. You can also register the car seat on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. This will help guide you to the correct place to register your car seat online. It also allows you to see if your seat has been recalled. 

Source: Safe Kids