New Year's Safety Tip

new year ornament in Christmas tree

While staying safe on the road must be a high priority for New Year's Eve revelers, this is certainly not the only safety issue you may confront as you ring in the new year. With a little care and foresight you can protect your family from some of the more common New Year's risks.


When it comes to explosives, follow the same rules on New Year's Eve that you would any other time of the year: Leave it to the experts. The best way to enjoy fireworks is to watch a public exhibition from a safe distance. If you decide to purchase and light your own fireworks, never allow children to handle them.


It is a tradition for some weapons owners to fire them into the air at midnight. This is a very bad idea, as what goes up must come down. Be vigilant with your family if you choose to celebrate in a large group.

Stay off the roads

Most of the danger on New Year’s Eve will be on the roads. You will see more police cars patrolling than usual, as law enforcement officials know there will be plenty of people who think they’re sober enough to drive. Avoid the risks of getting hit by a drunk driver by staying somewhere safe overnight if you're out on the town. Leave for home in the morning when the highways are safer and quieter.

Traveling long distances

If you are driving be alert behind the wheel. Remain aware of your surroundings. Also, prepare for winter weather by traveling with blankets, snacks and water in your trunk. Wear your seat belts and travel with an emergency safety kit for your vehicle.

We wish you and your family a happy and safe year ahead.