BITZ Program

Students participating in the Be In The Zone Program


Schools chosen to be part of the Be In The Zone Campaign for the 2023-2024 school year are:

- Sycamore High School

- Green Hill High School

- Montgomery Central High School

- Holloway High School

- Stewart County High School

These schools in different counties are helping to spread messages against distracted driving to their peers and community members. 

The BITZ campaign will allow students to find creative ways to reach their peers and the community. Not only will students have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on their community, but they will also be able to win their school cash prizes!

Best Campaign Competition

Students will plan and implement a year-long, student-led campaign that reflects the program theme, Be In The Zone. A campaign consists of many activities, events, and the use of different media – all focused on a common theme. This will be an opportunity to showcase their creativity, planning, and leadership abilities and make an impact in their school and community. Each school’s campaign will be evaluated by a panel of adult and teen judges. The Best Campaign Competition consists of the following components:

1) Ford’s Driving Skills For Life “The Academy” online module

2) student lead survey

3) PSA competition

4) Minimum of 2 additional activities

Gallatin HS Ford Driving Skills for Life