Mission, Vision and Values


The Vanderbilt Global Surgery Initiative (VGSI) intends to lead the Global Surgery 2030 agenda through expertise in education, training and research efforts in low and middle income countries (LMICs); to train the next generation of multidisciplinary global surgery leaders; to innovate solutions for gaps in technology and patient care in LMICs; and to discover and implement new knowledge that will impact outcomes and quality of care in LMICs.


In an era of global surgery, with more than 5 billion in need of surgery and safe anesthesia1 we are committed to applying our expertise and compassion to this worthy cause. Our vision is to achieve this commitment through the ethical application of appropriate training and education, innovation and technology, research and service.


We operate according to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Credo principles2, as these provide a code of conduct for all Vanderbilt faculty and staff. We believe in collaborating with local communities or in-country partners whenever possible, as well as building upon and strengthening existing infrastructure.

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  2. Vanderbilt University Medical Center Credo