Country Background Info


Embassy of the United States in Bogotá, Colombia

CIA World Factbook: Colombia

World Health Organization: Colombia

Global Affairs Canada: Colombia

Countries and their Cultures: Colombia

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Colombia Crime & Safety Reports


Embassy of the United States in Accra, Ghana

CIA World Factbook: Ghana

World Health Organization: Ghana

Global Affairs Canada: Ghana

Countries and their Cultures: Ghana

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Ghana Crime & Safety Report


Embassy of the United States in Guatemala

CIA World Factbook: Guatemala

World Health Organization: Guatemala

Global Affairs Canada: Guatemala

Countries and their Cultures: Guatemala

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Guatemala Crime & Safety Report


Embassy of the United States in Georgetown, Guyana

CIA World Factbook: Guyana

World Health Organization: Guyana

Global Affairs Canada: Guyana

Countries and their Cultures: Guyana

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Guyana Crime & Safety Report


Embassy of the United States in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

CIA World Factbook: Honduras

World Health Organization: Honduras

Global Affairs Canada: Honduras

Countries and their Cultures: Honduras

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Honduras Crime & Safety Report


Embassy of the United States in New Delhi, India

CIA World Factbook: India

World Health Organization: India

Global Affairs Canada: India

Countries and their Cultures: India

Overseas Security Advisory Council: India Crime & Safety Reports


Embassy of the United States in Nairobi, Kenya

CIA World Factbook: Kenya

World Health Organization: Kenya

Global Affairs Canada: Kenya

Countries and their Cultures: Kenya

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Kenya Crime & Safety Report

Kijabe Checklist and Cultural Sensitivity Guidelines

Procedures Manual Vanderbilt International Surgery


Embassy of the United States in Maputo, Mozambique

CIA World Factbook: Mozambique

World Health Organization: Mozambique

Global Affairs Canada: Mozambique

Countries and their Cultures: Mozambique

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Mozambique Crime & Safety Report


Embassy of the United States in Kathmandu, Nepal

CIA World Factbook: Nepal

World Health Organization: Nepal

Global Affairs Canada: Nepal

Countries and their Cultures: Nepal

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Nepal Crime & Safety Report


United States Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria

CIA World Factbook: Nigeria

World Health Organization: Nigeria

Global Affairs Canada: Nigeria

Countries and their Cultures: Nigeria

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Nigeria Crime & Safety Report


Embassy of the United States in Manila, Philippines

CIA World Factbook: Philippines

World Health Organization: Philippines

Global Affairs Canada: Philippines

Countries and their Cultures: Philippines

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Philippines Crime & Safety Report

South Africa

U.S. Embassy and Consulates in South Africa

CIA World Factbook: South Africa

World Health Organization: South Africa

Global Affairs Canada: South Africa

Countries and their Cultures: South Africa

Overseas Security Advisory Council: South Africa Crime & Safety Report


U.S. Embassy in Uganda

CIA World Factbook: Uganda

World Health Organization: Uganda

Global Affairs Canada: Uganda

Countries and their Cultures: Uganda

Overseas Security Advisory Council: Uganda Crime & Safety Report