2023 VIRDE Scholars Complete Training at Vanderbilt

2023 VIRDE Scholars

The Vanderbilt Institute for Research Development and Ethics (VIRDE) welcomed eleven medical and public health professionals from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia to Vanderbilt for a one-month training course in October 2023. The course covers grant writing and research ethics and is facilitated by the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health (VIGH). 

VIRDE scholars receive intensive training in research development and productivity, and the course is intended to further develop necessary skills to conduct responsible human subjects’ research and develop a grant proposal for submission. VIRDE trainees also complete specially tailored coursework in research ethics and integrity. Scholars are matched with a Vanderbilt faculty mentor to aid them in the grant development process. 

During the month and under their mentor’s guidance, Scholars refine an NIH-style grant proposal. The month concludes with a mock study review session to provide proposal feedback. VIRDE Scholars receive a certificate on the completion of the course. 

In over a decade, VIRDE has trained over 80 scholars from 16 countries. Results from the 10 year impact evaluation showed 83% of VIRDE alumni submitted grants after participating in VIRDE; 64% of them received funding. 91% were principal investigators (including co-PI and multi-PI). Grant funding comes from diverse sources including US and European government funds, national organizations, foundations, and pharmaceutical companies.

More information about the program’s outputs can be found in this BMC Medical Education article