Global health has become an inextricable component of modern-day medical, public health, and nursing practices. There are increasing demands for health professionals who can function competently in a global marketplace, who have research or service interests in health problems of developing countries, or who wish to address global manpower inequities through training or service. Coupled with a rising tide of global health interest across academic, business, and government sectors, there is an urgent need to expand opportunities for education and training in global health.


Degree and Certificate Programs

Global Health Professional Organizations

VIGH is a member of several global health professional organizations and membership privileges are extended to students:

Student Groups and Events at Vanderbilt

Extracurricular Activities

Looking for ways to get involved in global health outside the classroom? VIGH helps connect students in several ways.

Global Health Case Competition

The annual case competition is designed to engage students in real-world global health challenges by introducing them to diverse factors that impact decision-making. The goal of the case competition is to foster critical analysis and thoughtful action. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from across the university participate in multidisciplinary, multi-school teams to tackle a real-life global health case, working together to develop an innovative solution.

VIGH Student Advisory Council

The purpose of the Student Advisory Council, which is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students from various schools across the university, is to bring together diverse students interested in global health with the goal of fostering cross-disciplinary student networking and collaboration. Members of the Student Advisory Council are responsible for bringing the student perspective to the institute, especially with regards to student opportunities and experiences.