Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Pharmacy Technician Career Overview

Pharmacy technicians are critical members of the healthcare team and are essential to providing patients with safe and effective medication therapy. A pharmacy technician works closely with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in diverse settings such as hospitals, clinics, and community pharmacies. Technicians perform vital functions to support the patient care efforts of the pharmacy team with roles and responsibilities that continue to expand and evolve.

In hospitals and health systems, pharmacy technician jobs involve patient care. Pharmacy technicians in health care facilities, such as hospitals and ambulatory clinics, often have added responsibilities in addition to filling prescriptions for patients and delivering them daily. Responsibilities include preparing sterile medications, verifying the work of other technicians, and operating pharmacy automation systems. With additional training, activities may also include obtaining medication histories, facilitating transitions of care, diversion prevention, and medication assistance programs or supply chain management. If you’re the kind of person who likes working directly with patients and other healthcare providers and being an active part of a medical team, pharmacy technician jobs are a great choice.

Do you desire a career in the pharmaceutical industry?

VUMC Department of Pharmaceutical Services has a Pharmacy Technician Training Program that will not only prepare you for taking the national PTCE to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician, but will also provide experience through clinical rotations at a number of VUMC Pharmacy sites. 


*Please note that illicit drug use, criminal background checks, and immunization status may prevent future employment as a pharmacy technician. Externship sites, employers, and State Boards of Pharmacy have regulations about drug use, criminal backgrounds, and immunization status.

To learn more about Pharmacy Technician allied health care professionals, including salary potential, please visit the following websites: 

Tennessee Board of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

American Society of Health System Pharmacists

Department of Labor Statistics




Graduation and PTCE Pass Rates

Overall Stats- 78.6% PTCE Pass Rate, 72.7% Program Completion (16 out of 22 Graduates)

Spring 2021- 100% PTCE pass rate, 83% Program Completion (5 out of 6 Graduates)

Fall 2021- 50% PTCE Pass Rate, 66.67% Program Completion (4 out of 6 Graduates)

Spring 2022- 80% PTCE Pass Rate, 62.5% Program Completion (5 out of 8 Graduates)

Fall 2022- PTCE Pass Rate Pending, 100% Program Completion (2 out of 2 Graduates)

Graduate Placement Into Pharmacy Positions


Spring 2021- 100% 

Fall 2021- 100%

Spring 2022- 100%

Fall 2022- Pending



Become a Pharmacy Technician at VUMC. What is it like?




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  • 8 weeks of online and classroom didactic and simulated lab learning. (Students will be required to spend 16 hours per week at VUMC for class and labs.)

    4 weeks of experiential clinical rotations at VUMC Pharmacy sites. (40 hours per week totaling 160 hours)

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  • Applications must be submitted prior to deadline for consideration

    Failure to submit require documentation will result in points deducted from your final applicant ranking score.


    *Please note that certain immunizations including but not limited to the COVID-19 vaccine are required for this program.

    *employment or affiliation with VUMC does not guarantee an interview for and/or admission into the program.

    Applications for Fall 2023 are now open! Click HERE to apply today!

    Requirements for application submission must include the following:

        • Submit 3 Letters of Recommendation.
        • Personal statement (directions provided below)
        • Copy of Photo Identification, verifying that student is at least 18 years of age 
        • Copy of Health Insurance
        • Resume
        • $50 non-refundable fee. Payment link will display upon application submission

    *Applicants will supply three letters of recommendations with this application. Please note that references will be subject to verification.

    Training Program Schedule

    Spring 2023 Term starts February 6th 2023 and Ends in May 2023

    Fall 2023 Term start date TBD

  • The tuition for the 12 week program has a base of $3500. This is not including, application fees, background check, uniforms, books, and additional enrollment fees. Housing costs, transportation, parking, and living expenses are the responsibility of the student.

    The program fees and books should cost less than $1000 spread over the 12 week period.

    Financing and tuition payment information is provided through the administration office of the Centers for Programs in Allied Health.

    Please contact us for more information regarding these options.



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  • The VUMC Pharmacy Technician Training Program office is located at the pharmacy administrative facility in Berry Hill. We are available to assist you Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 4:00pm. If you find that you need assistance outside of the normal operating hours, please leave a voice message or click on one of the names below to send us an e-mail at . We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have!


    Our Faculty and Staff


    Nichole Foster, MBA, MEd, CPhT-Adv -Program Director, Pharmacy Technician Training Program


    Lindsey Storm, CSPT, CPhT, B.A - Clinical Education Coordinator, Pharmacy Technician Training Program


    Program Mailing Address: 726 Melrose Avenue, Nashville, TN 37211
    Program Phone Number: (615)-322-6871

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