Welcome to Fall Semester! Introducing our 2023 DBMI Students

A Message from Jessica Ancker, Vice Chair for Educational Affairs:

This fall, we are delighted to welcome our new predoctoral, postdoctoral, and professional trainees. We are looking forward to the new energy brought by:

  • 3 PhD students 
  • 1 former MS student starting a PhD
  • 1 postdoctoral fellow starting an MS
  • 1 staff member starting an MS
  • 2 non-degree seeking postdocs on the T15 training grant
  • 2 Vanderbilt Genomic Medicine fellows
  • 6 MSACI students including 1 clinical informatics fellow

Also, we are welcoming a number of graduate students from other programs into our biomedical informatics classes. Students are coming to train with us from biostatistics, epidemiology, genetics, and other graduate programs. We welcome this opportunity to contribute to team science at Vanderbilt!

Read more about our new Fall 2023 students here!

Seminars and Colloquium
The DBMI Seminar series has been renamed DBMI Grand Rounds. It will remain in the Wednesday 12:00 pm noon timeslot. Many speakers will be in-person on the 8th floor at 2525 West End Ave or in Light Hall. We will maintain the hybrid option for attendees who prefer to call in.

The DBMI Research Colloquium has moved to Mondays at 11:00 am. It will be held in Room 8110 of 2525 West End. Additional audience members will be able to participate using the Zoom link.

Workshop on K and Dissertation Awards
Our monthly Zoom workshop on developing grant proposals for K awards and dissertation awards resumes September 13. Grant writers may use these sessions to share their specific aims for group discussion and feedback. Any aspiring grant writers interested in learning more about the process should feel free to attend. Also, we are delighted to welcome any faculty member who has time to attend, to provide constructive grant feedback and help contribute to our trainees’ success. No preparation is needed – just show up and provide input. Please email Jessica Ancker for an invitation to the workshop and a sharing invitation for our departmental library of previous K and dissertation awards.

Thank you, and welcome to the 2023-2024 academic year!
— Jessica


Research & Educational Opportunities
At Vanderbilt, we have exciting research and educational opportunities in all the core domains of biomedical informatics, which include: Biomedical Data Science, Clinical Informatics, Translational Bioinformatics, Clinical Research Informatics, Consumer Health Informatics, People and Organizational Informatics, and Public Health Informatics. To learn more about faculty and courses in these domains, visit our DBMI Education site here!

If you have questions about any of Vanderbilt's educational programs in biomedical informatics, contact Rischelle Jenkins, Program Manager, at rischelle.jenkins@vanderbilt.edu