DBMI Welcomes New Employees

Kevin Johnson, MD, MS, FAAP, FACMI, DBMI Chair, and Elizabeth Brown, DBMI Chief Business Officer would like to extend their welcome to our newest employees who have joined the department: 

  • Protiva Rahman, Postdoctoral Fellow
    • Reports to: Daniel Fabbri
  • Sandip Chaugai, Staff Scientist
    • Reports to: Jeremy Warner
  • Mia Garchitorena, Communications Consultant
    • Reports to: Coda Davison


  • Jessica Ancker, Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Educational Affairs
  • Lina Sulieman, Research Assistant Professor

Center for Improving the Public's Health through Informatics (CIPHI)

  • Robert Winter, Senior IT Project Manager
    • Reports to: Michael Matheny
  • Tina French, Nurse Informatics Data Analyst
    • Reports to: Steven Johnson
  • Jill Whitaker Bey, Nurse Informatics Data Analyst
    • Reports to: Steven Johnson
  • Richard Noriega, Application Developer
    • Reports to: Michael Matheny
  • Sammie Melles, Research Analyst
    • Reports to: Melissa McPheeters

Center for Precision Medicine (CPM)

  • Henry Ong, Senior Project Manager
    • Reports to: Wei-Qi Wei
  • Adam Lewis, Statistical Genetics Analyst
    • Reports to: Lisa Bastarache

Welcome to all!