2009 Workshop Series: Case Studies

  • January 16: William Wu, PhD - An application of spline regression in modeling epidemiological data [View Material]
  • February 20: Elizabeth Koehler, MS - Complications in survival analysis [View Material]
  • March 20: Heidi Chen, PhD - Analysis of MALDI-TOF data: from data preprocessing to model validation for survival outcome [View Material]
  • April 17: Tatsuki Koyama, PhD - Statistical methods for biomarker discovery [View Material]
  • May 15: Steven Chen, PhD; Pengcheng Lu, MS; Andrew Yi, PhD - Data mining in GEO and beyond [View Material]
  • June 19: Irene Feurer, PhD - Survey research: an overview of statistical and psychometric methods [View Material]
  • July 21: Dan Ayers, MS - Analysis of quantitative real-time PCR [View Material]
  • October 16: Aixiang Jiang, MS - Microarray analysis: from mouse model to predicting human survival [View Material]
  • November 20: Fei Ye, PhD - Statistical practice in high-throughput siRNA/shRNA screens to identify genes mediating sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs [View Material]