ColonMap is a pre-cancer atlas (PCA) project funded under U2C CA233291. For this project, we designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a complex, integrated electronic study, participant, and specimen management system with extensive automated features and functionality to support participant recruitment and disposition on the study; electronic capture of all participant-level, procedure-level, and specimen-level data; and biospecimen tracking. This management system greatly facilitates the study recruitment process, as well as the tracking of biospecimen collection and use.

Further, the integration of biospecimen-level data with participant-level clinical and epidemiological data allows for ready identification of specimens of interest for any particular assay or experiment based on study participant covariates. User convenience is emphasized, with many automated features and functions, including automated ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) from multiple other data systems such as the electronic health record (EHR), the participant survey system, and the specimen repository database, to provide a single, fully integrated data source for this study.