Welcome to the Center for Quality Aging

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging. Our Center was established in August, 2006 as part of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) Institute of Medicine & Public Health.  




To fulfill our mission, the Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Conduct innovative research to improve care quality for older adults across the continuum of care to include hospital and emergency care, post-acute care, dementia care within assisted-living and long-term care services. 
  • Provide mentorship and research training opportunities to the next generation of investigators and clinicians to enhance care quality and independence for older adults; and,
  • Provide educational resources for providers, patients and families related to caring for older adults with and without dementia.

The Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of research investigators and clinicians (About Us).  We are committed to quality geriatric care for older adults with and without dementia.  We collaborate with other faculty and related centers at VUMC.  If you are interested in supporting aging/dementia care research through our Center (Projects), visit our Donate page to learn more.


Our Research

The Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging is a non-profit research center with projects focused on improving care quality and health outcomes for older adults. Research topics range from staff training interventions in the long-term and dementia care settings to interventions within the hospital and post-acute care settings to improve care coordination and quality.  We primarily focus on behavioral and social interventions that enhance independence and quality of life for older adults.  We also collaborate with various community partners to inform our research agenda.


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Join Our Team

The Vanderbilt Center for Quality Aging offers a broad range of training opportunities in aging-related research to include: 

  • Independent study and/or thesis mentorship for graduate students
  • Research rotations or summer internships for medical students; and,
  • Post-doctoral Fellows or Residents in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Clinical Psychology.

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Learn more about the Vanderbilt Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program

Johns Hopkins Courses

Johns Hopkins launches two free courses on COVID-19 best practices for assisted living and senior housing communities

The Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Training Initiative has released two free courses designed for assisted living and senior housing communities on COVID-19 response strategies. These courses provide a central platform for assisted living administrators and senior housing owners and managers to learn how to develop and implement a comprehensive health emergency response. The self-paced courses consist of lectures, guest interviews, reading resources, and assignments for learners to acquire immediate takeaways to actively change their community's policies and implement lessons from the assignments to keep residents and staff safe. More information available here.

QI Collaborative for COVID-19 Prevention & Control in Middle TN Nursing Homes, 2020-2022

"The Quality Improvement Collaborative for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Middle Tennessee Nursing Homes hosts a monthly webinar series to share best practice research on a variety of topics in post-acute and long-term care. These webinars discuss key steps that can be taken in nursing homes to enhance quality improvement work. Additional webinars are added monthly, so be sure to check back regularly!"

2023 FTD Awareness & Fundraising Event