A Randomized Controlled Trial to Deprescribe for Older Patients with Polypharmacy Transferred from the Hospital to Skilled Nursing Facilities ( Shed MEDS)

Project Co-Principal Investigators: Sandra Simmons, PhD and Eduard Vasilevskis, MD
Funding Source: NIH/NIA

Description:  This National Institutes of Health & Aging funded randomized, controlled trial evaluates the effects of an intervention to reduce exposure to medications among hospitalized older adults discharged to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).   The goal of the intervention is to safely deprescribe medications, as defined by dose reductions and stopped medications, based on a combination of clinical criteria and patient preferences. We evaluate the effects of the intervention on the total number of medications prescribed to patients at hospital and SNF discharge and at home 90-days after SNF discharge along with the prevalence of eight geriatric syndromes, medication adherence, and health status.  


How to Taper Opioids Toolkit and Webinar”. 


Recent News:

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