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The Pat Summitt Foundation of the East Tennessee Foundation (Click on the title to access the guide)

Principal Investigators: Sandra Simmons, PhD, John Schnelle, PhD, and Anna Rahman, PhD
Description: This foundation grant was used to develop a guide for consumers in selecting a dementia care facility titled, "How to Evaluate the Quality of Residential Care for Persons with Dementia" (see attached web-friendly pdf version). An overview of dementia care in both long-term care and residential care is provided as well as consumer tips and guidelines for what questions to ask and what to look for when visiting a facility. The goal of this guide is to empower the consumer with the same knowledge and expertise that the authors of this guide have obtained based on years of both clinical and research experience in evaluating dementia care quality.


Contact Information:

For scheduling an appointment with a Geriatric Medicine provider: Call: (615) 936-3274

For scheduling an appointment for a Palliative Care consultation: Call: (615) 322-4298.

For scheduling an appointment with a Geriatric Psychiatrist through the Adult Psychiatry Clinic Services: Call: 615-327-7000

For Scheduling an appointment for a Memory Loss Evaluation through Neurology Clinical Services: Call: (615)-936-0060